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web design concept

Using a tried-and-true web design process, I will work closely with you to build your perfect website. I specialize in building websites from the ground up using HTML5, Javascript/jQuery, PHP, CSS, and other tools & techniques — ensuring that your website or browser-based project is uniquely yours.

Unique website design & development
Search Engine Optimization
Information-rich websites
Connect with your customers and audience with a dynamic browser-based platform
Showcase your work with a professional-grade online gallery and portfolio


logo process

Want to start your logo and brand design?

The Process

1. Initial Consultation

After the client makes the initial request for their logo or brand identity, I will meet with them (usually by phone, in person, or through Zoom) to identify in detail what their project will be. Topics we discuss will include the client's background, their chosen industry, and the purpose of the project or company.

2. Quick Sketches

I quickly sketch out 30-50 very rough ideas for the client's logo. I then choose the best handful of these scratchy doodles and build some quick vector illustrations in Adobe Illustrator. Finally, I send the best 3 to 5 of those vector drawings to the client for their initial review.

3. Gather Feedback & Refine Sketches

In order to create the best end product possible, I need the client's feedback. If they would like to move forward with one or two of the vector drawings, great! I will move onto finalizing the project. If not, that's perfectly fine. It's not uncommon for these initial ideas to miss the mark. I will use their feedback to generate some new vector drawings and send them for another round of review. This will continue until the client is satisfied with the product.

4. Finalize & Colorize Logo Design

Up to this point, designs are always shown in stark black and white. Why? If the logo's silhouette and typography fail, no amount of color will ever save it. In this step, I will tighten up the layout, create a style guide that includes the proper fonts and color swatches (swatches delivered as CMYK values), and send it to the client for one final round of review.

Package & Deliver

At this point, the client should be satisfied with all aspects of their new logo. I will package the logo as a zipped folder that includes the logo in a variety of types of images, colors, and layouts (usually horizontal, stacked, square, or vertical).


Many times clients need physical deliverables to assist in promoting, selling, introducing, and engaging with their digital or online project. These pieces can be common items any business or project lead needs (branded business cards, letterheads, envelopes, etc.) or larger projects that require a bit more design intuition and creativity (apparel design, flyers/posters, various takeaways, sell sheets, large documents, books, banners, to name a few).

Design techniques and processes are incredibly similar no matter what the medium is. What really matters is the message — more importantly, how the viewer interacts with the piece, group of pieces, and the client's overall campaign, whether the interaction is up close in person or online or from far away on a large banner, wall display, or billboard.

Below are some examples of client work that feeds off of and enhances the client's existing products and ideas.

fettler health screenshot

Various informative pieces for Fettler Health LLC

win collaboratory screenshot

Test Drive Your Big Idea for WIN Collaboratory

marchant manor screenshot

Logo & Product Labels for Marchant Manor Cheese

Some illustrations just for fun